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I Want To Come To The Wedding! What Do I Do Next?

We are so excited that you'll be joining us for our special day! We know Montana is a far trek, and we want to make sure you have an easy trip. Here are our suggestions for booking your trip:

1. Book your flight

2. Book your lodging

3. Book your rental car

*Please note the longer you wait to make your travel reservations, the more expensive and/or limited the options will be. We encourage you to make your accommodations at least 6 months in advance.

What is the Timeline of our Special Day?

Our Wedding Ceremony will begin at Snowline Acres at 4:30pm. Cocktail Hour will begin immediately following the Ceremony at approximately 5:00pm. Our Reception will begin at 6:00pm. Dinner will be served at 6:30pm and the Reception will end at 11:00pm.

What Should I Wear to the Wedding?

We want all of our guests to be feeling their best for our wedding! Dress code is Black Tie Optional.

We ask that gentlemen please wear a tuxedo or suit & tie. We ask that please ladies wear a gown, formal cocktail dress, or dressy pantsuit.

Will There Be An Open Bar?

Oh, Yes.

What Will the Weather Be Like?

Glacier is so far North that the sun doesn't set during the summer until approximately 10pm - it will still be light outside when the wedding ends! Sunrise is around 5am, and sunset is about 10pm during that time of year.

The mornings and evenings are cooler in temperature, (around 45-55 degrees) and the days are mild (around 65-75 degrees).

Is There Parking Available at the Wedding Venue?

Yes! There is ample parking at our wedding venue. Guests who prefer to ride home with friends after a night of festivities are welcome to leave their vehicles at the venue until 9am on Sunday morning, at which point they must be picked up.

Will We Be Inside or Outside for the Wedding?

Both the ceremony and the reception will take place indoors. Cocktail hour will be outside under a covered awning.

What is the name of the venue?

We are so grateful to be having our Ceremony and Reception at Snowline Acres! Snowline Acres is located just 5 minutes from the heart of downtown Kalispell at:

3315 U.S. 93 S

Kalispell, MT 59001


(*If You Plan To Hike In Glacier*) Do I Need To Purchase Bear Spray for the Park?

Glacier National Park is home to Grizzly Bears, making Bear Spray an essential while inside the park if you are hiking. Many shops outside of Glacier have a Bear Spray rentals, and some Airbnbs even lend Bear Spray as part of the stay. Typically, hikers will clip the bear spray onto the front of their packs as to have easy access to the spray in case of an emergency. Most Bear Sprays come with a carabiner clip for easy wearing. It is very unlikely you will need to use the Bear Spray during your time in the park, but it is better to be prepared.